Effective immediately, we will  be limiting our hours of operation to  Monday – Friday 8a.m to 5p.m. and temporarily suspending both evening and weekend appointments.

As we enter into the third month of COVID-19 related changes in our lives, we want to keep you updated as to our current hospital operations. Due to limiting business hours for safety and regulatory reasons, as well as staff reductions relating to health concerns, child care issues, and other personnel considerations, we continue to be somewhat limited in service availability. We also continue to operate under very confining CDC and state restrictions that will make it exceedingly difficult to return to any degree of normalcy for the time being. While we remain under regulatory mandates to prioritize patients with medically urgent and emergent needs, we will begin to transition elective surgical/dental procedures and routine wellness care back into our summer schedule beginning in June. We will also begin phasing in established Pet Hotel services including boarding and grooming during June as well. Please understand that while we are ramping up efforts to provide some of these additional services, the uncertainty of the pandemic makes it almost impossible to guarantee availability of these services throughout the summer. 

We also ask that those of you that have less time sensitive needs relating to wellness services, grooming, elective surgery to please acknowledge that we will likely face some significant scheduling challenges over the next several months. Due to the persistently high demand for services, we have chosen to schedule current and active clients only during this time and have turned away many new client requests the past two months. We truly appreciate your loyalty and will continue to do our best to be there when you need us. With that in mind please continue to be patient and respectful of our staff as they do their best to help provide for you and your pets needs. If you will need services in the near future we would highly recommend that you visit our website at www.wexfordvet.com for a detailed explanation of our current protocols as we are still permitting only essential staff into our facilities at this time and have had to implement many hospital protocols to help keep you and our staff safe.

We want to be able to continue serving the needs of your pets while preserving the health and safety of our staff, clients and community. In order to do this, the CDC is now asking us to screen pets with exposure to people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 by doing the following:

  • If you are sick, coughing, have a fever, or have had any exposure to a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 in the past several weeks, please notify us of your situation and reschedule your pet’s appointment or discuss options for a telemedicine consult with one of our doctors.
  • If it is decided by one of our doctors that your pet needs to be seen, please follow their instructions and make every effort to find a healthy person to bring your pet to the hospital or emergency clinic (PVSEC), as we will be operating under very strict CDC guidelines as described below.


In addition to the above announcements, we will continue offering Remote Health Consults to our clients. Ideally, most medical conditions are best addressed through an examination of your pet. However, given our current limitations, we are offering Telemedicine Consults as an alternative to physically bringing your pet into the clinic. This service is for existing and active patients only. The Consult is performed through a video email or text. The initial consult is $55. If a follow up exam at the clinic is deemed necessary, there is a discounted follow-up exam fee of $45 provided the pet is seen within a month of the Telemedicine Consult. Some examples of conditions that could potentially be managed by a Telemedicine Consult include skin and ear infections, behavioral concerns, upper respiratory symptoms, lameness evaluations, or episodes of mild GI distress.

Finally, please consider visiting the AVMA website for information concerning COVID-19 and your pets:




The Doctors and Staff at Wexford Veterinary Hospital & Pet Hotel